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What's Up Next?

Bull Run

Wednesday, February 15. 6:30-9 pm

215 Great Road,

Shirley, MA

It's Lose Your Blues at the Bull Run.  This show draws enthusiastic blues fans along with talented local musicians (and often a famous player) invited to sit in with the band.  We love this gig! Get out for some early fun on a week night, you deserve it!  DInner available.  Seeya there.


Our complete gig listing is here. 

We have a brand new video from a recent gig, a performance of our new tune In The Shadows.


We began work on a new album just before the pandemic.  It was stalled for a while, but once the vaccine appeared we began to work on it again in a semi-isolated way.  Progress has been slow as this is a huge undertaking of 13 original compositions, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by ourselves.  It's been a long process of learning the zillion technical aspects of that and how to do it well.  We've put a ton of attention to every artistic detail of this project and to be honest, we're pretty thrilled with the results.  The project has taken far longer than expected, but we feel the result will be well worth the wait.

Meanwhile, we're performing most of this material live, so if you've seen us recently you've heard a lot of it.  Yet the studio versions of these songs very much have their own feel, rich with extras and productions values that aren't really possible in our live shows.  We like both the live and the studio versions of these for different reasons, and we think you will too.  So hold on a bit longer, and thanks for your patience!

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