What's Up Now?


Railway Tavern

Wednesday, December 8, 7-10 PM

131 Rantoule St, Beverly MA

Wednesday night is blues night at this truly great new music venue with live music every night, a rarity even before the pandemic!  If you want to support live music, this is a good place to do it.  It's downtown a block south of the train station. We love playing this well-run venue and think you'll love it too!  And great food besides.  Seeya there!

A full listing of upcoming shows is here. 

Added music to our Basement Tapes page, a stage recording of the great Ronnie Earl sitting in with us at the Bull Run.  Check it out!


Through the pandemic lockdown we've been writing our next album of music.  We're do this the old fashioned way, that is, thoroughly breaking in the new music in our live sets before recording it in its full glory.  We've recorded four tracks so far with eight or nine yet to go.  Meanwhile, you can hear it live as most of it's getting tightened up nicely.  We hope to be posting a sneak peek of recordings here soon, so watch this space.  And thanks for listening!