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What's Up Next?

Bull Run

Wednesday, July 10, 6:30-9pm

215 Great Road, Shirley, MA

Lose Your Blues at Bull Run draws die hard blues fans.  Occasionally a talented local player sits in, and often a famous one!  We love this gig!  Get out for some early fun on a weeknight, you deserve it!  DInner available.  Seeya there.

Our complete gig listing is here. 


Our album Three Floors UP is out! 


Pick up your copy at any gig!  Also now available online wherever you download or stream music.  Also available on our music page.

AND... Our music video is out.  It's a cool spin on our tune In The Shadows. Check it!

It's been a long road creating Three Floors UP.  We've recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced this album on our own and it came out great!  Who says you can't do it yourself?  If you're not afraid to work hard and long at it, you can!  And we are super proud of this album! 

13 new original songs.  We started making this album just before the pandemic and dedicated ourselves utterly to it's creation over three years.  Recording it ourselves allowed us to take all the time needed to craft it just exactly as we wanted it.  No studio charges, no compromises.  Sure, it's been a journey, but we each feel very proud of what we've done both as individuals and as a band.  And as serious musicians, that's everything you hope for.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

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