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Here's a music video for our track "In The Shadows" from our album Three Floors UP.  It's kind of a spooky take on the modern Geppetto.  Produced and directedby John Cannizzaro of Smokehouse Films, Los Angelos.

This interview with Larry and Squid discusses their take on a variety of musical subjects including songwriting, band dynamics, performance, and lots more.  Interesting guys.  They also play a stripped down version of L&M Rhythm King's original Without You.  This video is by documentary filmmaker Mark Steele.  See more in this series here.

Here's a video from The Library Park Blues Festival 9/15/18, a Blues For Veterans benefit we had the honor of playing.  This is the title track from our CD The Lower Level.  The video is from the amazing Joe Marino's great MoeJoeVision YouTube channel.

A slow and festering blues at the Bull Run 12/26/15 with the great Ronnie Earl playing guitar as only he can!  Also, good friend Brad Kohl joins in on sax.  Another from Joe Marino's excellent MoeJoeVision archive on YouTube.

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