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This is a grizzled group of club-crawling veterans spreading the truth of roots, rhythm, and blues in the name of the groove.  Especially the groove.  Together as the L&M Rhythm Kings since 2008, but they've been playing together in different combinations for way longer.  Like since the 80s. Which means they know each other’s thing inside out. When playing tight improvised music, it’s much help when the band can read each other’s minds. They do that.

Larry Lusignan, L&M Rhythm Kings

Larry Lusignan

Lead Vocal / Guitar


A seasoned lead vocalist and guitarist for 30+ years, Larry’s powerful vocal style and smokin’ guitar are a key element of L&M Rhythm King’s original sound. His vocal style is powerful, confident, and emotionally expressive, and his guitar style is solidly based in electric blues while also showing influences of rock, jazz, and various forms of American roots music.

In addition to the L&M Rhythm Kings, Larry has long fronted his own band Larry & the Bluescasters with prior experience in bands such as the Swanky Moes, Dave Lanman & the Locomotives, and the Runners. He’s worked extensively as a sideman with many area artists and recently appeared on blues great Ronnie Earl’s acclaimed album Father’s Day.

Mark Longo, L&M Rhythm Kings

Mark Longo

Lead Vocal / Keyboards


A lead vocalist, keyboardist, and bass player for 30+ years, Mark’s barrelhouse vocal style brings a soulful and passionate vibe to the band.  As a keyboardist, his Hammond organ style brings both a powerful underpinning to the band and a bellowing solo voice.  His bluesy piano style drives rhythms as well as bringing occasionally jazzy overtones to the mix.  Mark's experience as a working bass player contributes a rhythmic tightness to his playing, fitting his keyboards into the rhythm section as only a former bassist can.

In addition to the L&M Rhythm Kings, Mark’s resume includes recorded and live work as a core member of Meters influenced outfit Trick Bag, funk and jazz groovers The Boston Horns, Northeast Rhythm Collective, Roxanne & the Voodoo Rockers, Pass The Peas, the Swanky Moes, the Catalinas, and others.

Squid, L&M Rhythm Kings

Mike "Squid" Rush

Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals


With 30+ years as a pro bass player, Squid’s mastery of the bass is rare and remarkable. A master of many styles including blues, funk, rock, jazz, and most especially R&B, he brings a great punch and jump to the L&M Rhythm Kings sound.  Mike is also a electric and acoustic guitarist of some accomplishment.

Squid's resume includes live and studio work as a principle with several bands in addition to L&M Rhythm Kings, including the Water’s Edge, BlueSwitch, the Boston Horns, CuBop, Northeast Rhythm Collective, Rythmo Loco, the Natives, the Swanky Moes, the Soul Dogs, and others. He has also worked as a sideman with numerous area artists.

Glenn Rogers, L&M Rhythm Kings

Glenn Rogers

Drums / Backing Vocals


A pro for 30+ years, Glenn is well experienced in both live performance and recording situations. Growing up in a musical family, the son of a drummer, he’s played since childhood.  His long experience as a blues and R&B drummer brings a powerful groove to the band.


Glenn has been a core member of the national touring act Luther Guitar Jr. Johnson, and appears on Luther’s album I Want To Groove with You. Over the years Glenn has played with numerous area bands including Murphy’s Blues, Larry and the Bluescasters, Tabasco Fiasco, and Joey V’s Midnight Rendezvous to name a few.  He has sat in with famous acts such as Ronnie Earl and Jerry Portnoy.

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