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This is where we put recordings of the band from various sources that aren't available elsewhere.  These might be audience recordings, basement tapes, or even studio recordings that got left off a CD.  And if you haver a live recording of the band, let us know, maybe you'll see it here!
So listen, download, share, have fun!

This was recorded at the Bull Run in Shirley MA on 06-16-21.  The great Ronnie Earl, brother and mentor to the band, sat in with us for this one.  We played a simple blues and gave him plenty of room.  This recording was made by our drummer Glenn Rogers by setting his phone on top of the kick drum and hitting record.  Keyboardist Mark Longo mastered this recording.  Ronnie is playing as the tape begins.  He is truly one of the great blues players of all time and we are always honored and ecstatic when he joins us on stage. 

This was originally performed and recorded live in the studio on 11-3-18 at WUML, UMASS Lowell on Blues Deluxe, John Guregian's Saturday afternoon blues show,  John is a great guy and also a long time supporter of local music.  He and his crew were nice enough to provide us with a raw multi-track recording of the performance.  Thanks guys!!  We've worked it a little, processing, editing, remixing, and mastering it.  Enjoy!

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