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The loooong awaited Three Floors UP is here!

If you're just wondering what the record sounds like, here's a quick snip of each track.  To experience it in it's full glory, see a lttle farther below!

Quick Sampler: Three Floors UP - L&M Rhythm Kings
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Three Floors UP is available wherever you download or stream music.  Or you can pick up a physical disk at any gig.  Or you can listen to it right here.  And if you're in the mood to support the band, you can buy any song or the whole album download right here!  Enjoy listening!

This is our original music.  And we're really proud of this record.  OK, everybody says that, we know, but in this case it's actually for real.  It took us 3 years to make this record over many hundreds of hours, pandemic times included.  We wrote, recorded, and mixed this album ourselves, which afforded us the time we needed to meet our highest standards.  And each of us feels that this is the best we've ever done, both as individual musicians and in any band.  Seriously.  Of course whether or not you like it is a matter of your personal taste, but we wanted you to know that this is our very best so far and we offer it to you with pride.   We hope you love it too!

And thank you so much for all your support these past years.  If nobody listens, nobody plays...  Thanks for listening.

The Lower Level is our debut album.  After many years of playing together we finally got around to recording the 11 original songs on this record back in 2018.  If you don't have it yet, check it out, it's worth a good listen...  It's available here and online and wherever else you get your music.  Physical discs are available at all gigs.

The Lower Level, was recorded at PM Recording Studio in Wakefield RI, which is Chris Vachon's place. Chris is the master blues guitarist and leader of the fabled band Roomful Of Blues, but he's also a studio heavy who co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this CD for us.  Plus, he played some truly smokin' guitar with Larry on the track Inside Out.

Also on this record is our friend and brother, the legendary Ronnie Earl.  Ronnie lends his extraordinary guitar work to the tracks Big Wheeled Bonneville and Cookin' In Groveland.  It was such a treat for us to be joined by Ronnie on this recording, and it will be for you too.  And last but definitely not least, multi-percussionist Jon Loud played congas and assorted hand percussion on several tracks creating a sweet vibe of depth and mystery.

The Lower Level album is available online wherever you get your music.  Physical discs are available at all gigs.

Metronome Magazine praise for The Lower Level.

" uplifting excursion of uptown swing, steamy blues, funky shuffles, a salsa rhythm, and a healthy dose of roadhouse blues."

"...this taut quartet are as musically entertaining as any act working the Northeast region."

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